Be Crossword

Be Crossword 1.12

Puzzles to sharpen your brain


  • Lots of crosswords
  • Helpful hints


  • American-style crosswords
  • No numbers

Very good

Stuck for something to do on that long train-ride home? Bored with all the rubbish on television? Well how about something to get the braincells back in gear.

This crossword app for your Palm comes direct from America with puzzles from the New York Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle and others.

It seems they do things a bit differently there compared to the UK as hardly a square is wasted on the grid and there are no numbers so it can get confusing.

By the end the whole box is packed-full with letters. You can ask for hints or full answers if it gets too difficult. You might just learn something.

Latest crossword puzzles from New York Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Thinks. com, MacNamara's Band Inc and much more coming to your Palm every day.

Be Crossword


Be Crossword 1.12

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